Five types of introverts.

Introversion includes a broad range of behaviors that can be loosely grouped into the following types:

Solitary introverts – Live alone and enjoy their own company. Are typically engaged in creative, highly personal projects that bring satisfaction. Rarely enter into relationships and avoids social activities.

Social introverts – Have a highly developed ability to act like an extrovert when the situation requires it. Finds satisfaction in integrating introverted qualities into group behavior. Needs external validation to feel successful.

Partnered introverts – Feels most comfortable when paired with either a compatible introvert or an extrovert. Seeks intimacy and companionship on their terms. Regularly needs time away from the relationship, physically and mentally, but does not like to be alone.

Conflicted introverts – Are constantly seeking an answer to who they are and why it is so hard to get along with others. Self-critical and judgmental, they often struggle to fit in, or to be part of a group. Prone to ping-ponging between feeling good and feeling bad.

Antisocial introverts –Ā  Rebels against feeling like an outsider, both internally and externally. Finds it hard to manage contradictions and negative moods. Tends to be impulsive and compulsive about ideas and activities, often going to extremes that lead to feelings of guilt and confusion.

For an expanded explanation of the five types, please read Introversion has its own normal.

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28 thoughts on “Five types of introverts.

  1. This is really interesting. I’ve always had some idea that there are different types of introverts as well as extroverts. And now that I’ve been studying MBTI functions, I’m finding it interesting how the first extroverted function in our stack might affect how we interact with others and how others interact with us.


  2. Hi Rachel! Yours is a really interesting classification. I stumbled upon it in a MBTI forum and many of us liked it but couldn’t determine exactly which kind of introvert they are. I myself am uncertain between conflicted or partnered. Could you please elaborate more (if you can/have time/wish) or provide a link where I could find more info? I tried googling but nothing came up! šŸ™‚
    Have a nice day!


  3. Wow .. this explains my life. If I get the chance to be alone with no interruption from other introverts or extroverts, I am usually a solitary introvert. People annoy me and push me to become an extrovert, it’s then that I become conflicted and later antisocial.


  4. Well i am a conflicted introvert for sure. Im always wondering why i can’t keep conversations going and why am i like this. I just stay in my room all day when given the chance. Its my comfort zone, yet i still feel depressed about my situation. I honestly don’t mind being an introvert, i just hate how much anxiety i get about most social situations, which will suck when i move to college in a few weeks. Most people look forward to college, NOT ME.


  5. I’m just grateful and relieved that introversion has been acknowledged as a personality trait rather than a flaw. I am not shy nor do I have self esteem issues thank you very much. I was once told that I lived in a dreamworld. I was so hurt and insulted because their definition of a dreamworld was La La Land. Hardly! Just because I’m not constantly running my mouth or doing somersaults with a gaggle of female friends at the mall doesn’t mean I haven’t a clue. I have more of a clue than the ones who think I don’t! I always wondered why I didn’t fit in anywhere, why people annoy me with their predictable boring chatter, never really saying anything original and I especially have zero patience with arrogant attitudes. We’re just a tiny spec in this universe and I think about that kind of thing more than the latest fashion for instance. Never finding people like myself made me think over the years that I must be one oddball. I’m definitely a solitary introvert and find that to be truer the older I get. It takes everything I have to spend time with people and I am so exhausted afterward, that it takes at least the entire next day to recover! I only spend time with people when I feel I have no other choice; holidays for instance, and I try to keep that socializing to a minimum. Can’t I just love you from a distance rather than in person all the time? I LOVE being alone!


  6. I think this explains a bit, because I always do not know whether I feel being introvert or extrovert. Because I like the quietness of self, and don’t like being exhausted in excited social situation, but I still like being in a group, feeling belonged or useful, but not being the focus or being exhausted in it. I think if that means social introvert, then I should be one.


  7. Only recently have I discovered I am not alone in feeling different and to be able to put a name to why. I am a conflicted introvert for sure. It’s nice knowing there is an online community of introverts just like me. Thank you Rachel for your posts.


  8. I am the archetypical Conflicted Introvert. As much as I crave companionship, friendship, and belonging, and wonder where I missed the boat in my socialization process, I have a low threshold for annoying, banal, or narcissistic individuals. I just don’t seem to fit into any social situation. It is very frustrating and a lonely existence.


  9. Sometimes,i asked myself am i going insane or is that am under a spell…I not only feel lonely when arround people i also feel drained and frustrated so much that i loose control of my vocabs. i am however happy to know that being an introvert is not a curse but just a rare personality .I love being an introvert !


  10. I am an introvert, almost 68, an old lesbian with a couple of adult children. I am married, but my partner is older, has many health problems and is now an invalid. She will probably have to go to a nursing home soon. I would like to then sell the house and find a place where I can be myself, but occasionally meet other kindred spirits. I live in northern California, up in the mountains right now.


  11. I think I fall under the category of social introvert. The only caveat is that I don’t need validation from anyone. If I were to guess this is one of those situations where it can be taken in parts, because some times I get really excited when my wife and kids are leaving town for a few days (alone time for me) and I have to work. I wonder if it changes with your mood?


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