Introversion has its own normal.

There have been a few questions about my previous post on Five Types of Introverts. Here is an expanded explanation.

Extroversion is often seen as the norm while introversion is seen as a deviation from the norm. What I am proposing with the five types of introverts is that introversion has its own “norm” and that there are different phases and expressions of this norm. Every introvert has a unique personality – and a unique way of expressing their personality within the introvert norm.

I am hoping to dispel the notion that all introverts are shy, lonely or withdrawn. The truth is that introverts interact with the outside world to the same extent as extroverts do. The five types of introverts, (solitary, social, partnered, conflicted and antisocial) was not designed to be a personal type but rather a continuum of how introverts behave, relate and engage with the outside world. Introverts move back and forth along this continuum at various stages in their life. This explains why most people looking at the types can relate to more than one, and a few can relate to all of them.

My goal in creating the five types was to show that there is variation in how introverts express themselves when they are alone and when they are with others. I would like to move people away from the rigid intellectual/academic framework of extroversion/introversion to thinking about introverts as being whole and complete within themselves, capable of a wide range of expression.

Introverts are not just the opposite of extroverts. Recent research has proven that they are multi-faceted individuals who share a unique form of thinking and communication. This to me, represents a new “norm” that merits research and investigation.

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2 thoughts on “Introversion has its own normal.

  1. Ah Rachael, we come in all sizes and colors, don’t we? I am 82. I have redone 15 houses in 3 states in the past 30 years. The last two I bought online sight-unseen. They have been historic; 1805 when T. Jefferson was President to contemporary, primarily all glass, etc. ad inf. The challenge, the risk, the fun, new people and surroundings,the learning curve has kept me entertained and self-employed. It is the “now what” that is disturbing . My current house is as perfect as one can imagine. The challenge now is a new passion, a new wise/fun way of living………..


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