16 thoughts on “About Aging Introvert

  1. I can’t tell you how thrilled and relieved I am to have found your blog. We have many of the same books, observations, and experiences (I’m sure you’ve seen this before!) but your writing style tells the story so beautifully.
    Last fall I moved back the the small Northeast Pa. town I raised my sons in after 20 years in Tucson… I thought my friendships were still intact but for the first time in my life I found myself lonely. Have been working through it and am now on the other side (and on my way to State College – home to Penn State) and finding why I had the experience I did. Your blog has been part of a great healing for me and I look forward to your continued writing and sharing your wisdom! Thanks!!!

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  2. As a recently “outed” introvert, I am very interested in this blog. My current reflections are focused on retirement and how to spend the rest of my life. Two years ago, my all consuming career ended and I downsized from a home to a condo in order to afford a non-wage-earning lifestyle. I now find myself surrounded by significantly older people who are generally limited in their interests and pursuits. It’s all about living the same lives that they have always lived – defining themselves by their former professions and their progeny. I’ve adhered to the usual prescriptions – volunteering (and am much appreciated in that role), joining a church and other social groups. The problem is that these groups, for the most part, only aggravate the sense of disconnection I experience as an introvert. I’m seriously considering a geographic move – but how to find a location that feeds the introvert’s soul?


  3. I’ve just had a similar experience and as much as I’d like to say it’s not about location, I believe it is. I came “home” to a small town in NW Pa when I retired. While the people I was close to over the years are still here we have all approached aging very differently. And I believe I’m seeing a move toward introversion in the group. I’m also an introvert but for some reason there is no longer a meeting of the minds – I’m about to move on to a small university town where I’m looking forward to old and new friends with a willingness to explore this special and powerful time of life.


  4. I chose to come to my life s dream location about an hour outside a small eastern city and far from where I lived and worked. I am just a bit lonely, and while it is not easy to connect with the few locals down the road, I find it less and less interesting to go to town. I want to connect with other people with ideas as well as one or two real folk who know if I m alive or dead but even though the few friends I have are far away, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. This just satisfies my soul deeply. I am writing and thinking and painting and it s wonderful. If I were to move it would be farther down the road with more woods around though that doesn’t seem prudent. After a lifetime doing what I was supposed to and being ultra responsible, a suppressed part of me is flying free just now and I cannot bear to even think of giving it up. It s been 10 years and counting.

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    1. Yep. Small eastern town with woods on the back side and the ocean on the other. Lots of nice air moving around, too. Good place to watch from.


  5. Looking forward to more moments reading your blog. I don’t get online a whole awful lot but when I do I will head in your direction. I can relate. I became an introvert at a very young age out of a survival instinct I guess I could say. It was a comfortable place to find me in. A growing spot.


  6. 47 here, and recently left the employer I worked at since I was 21. The “loose aging single woman” thing applies to me in a way, although I am quite well rooted in my longtime home. Enjoying reading through your blog, and I will return.


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